Migration and Invitation

Hello my friends,

As my mission has grown and shifted, me and my team have decided to move our content over to https://realhoperising.com/. I feel my voice is better amplified in this new context, and many others in my community will be joining the conversation to build this new “something beautiful” together. We will be doing more than just sharing our opinions and stories. We hope to build a community of deeply interconnected individuals and organizations that encounter Truth and Meaning in a culture of freedom. We want to build an ecosystem of life together that doesn’t seek just answers, but seeks real, tangible encounters. We want to bring hope that lasts, and that can be trusted.

There is so much emptiness in our world. I invite you to join something more, and to create with us. Come join us at


I’ll see you soon!

Karsten Kaczmar

Thought Leader and Content Creater at Real Hope Rising

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